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    This cleanroom non-woven wipes is constructed from 55%cellulose and 45% polyester, Chemically pure material that is strong and high absorbency .And laundered and packaged in ISO class 5 with double bags. This non-woven wipes  ideal for critical environment application and exhibits low particle generation and extractables, This cleanroom wipes has abrasion and chemical resistant and is good sorbency with solvents.Non-abrasive texture cleans surface without scratching.


    • Manufactured in state-of-the-art class 100 cleanroom
    • Free of particulates, proteases and nucleases
    • Ultra-low emission of volatile organics
    • Polyknit composition prevents fiber shedding
    • Cool cut edges prevent fraying
    • Bright white fabric assists in the identification of spills and residues
    • High absorbency fabric maximizes cleaning effectiveness
    • Use for cleaning substrates, pins, cassettes, and other microarray implements
    • Use for packaging and protecting fragile microarray products
    • Compatible with all microarray cleanroom environments
    • Ideal for life sciences, medical diagnostics, microelectronics and manufacturing
    • Vast improvement over traditional laboratory and cleanroom wipes
    • Based on years of intensive microarray cleanroom R&D
    • Durable and chemically-resistant composition
    • No tearing with normal use
    • Anti-static packaging eliminates electrostatic contamination
    • Dual packaging allows easy surface de-contamination prior to use
    • Can also be used in traditional, non-cleanroom laboratories
    • Disposable
    • One year shelf life at room temperature


    Cleanroom wipes Applications:


    - Used in electronics,semiconductor , Hard disk drive ,LCD,IC,SMT,PCB,optics-electronic.
    - Cleaning and Polishing Stainless Steel Surface.
    - Superior for spill control and general wiping in ISO Class 4 & 5 Cleanroom facilities.


    Cleanroom Non-woven wipes Standard Packing

    Model No.               Size                  Packing Info

    WIP-0604               4''x4''               1200Pcs/Bag                10Bags/case

    WIP-0606               6''x6''               300Pcs/Bag                  20Bags/case

    WIP-0609               9''x9''               300Pcs/Bag                  10Bags/case

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