• Why use a cleaning card?
  • In the daily usage of card readers, contaminants will pollute reader heads and other components from two sources. One is environmental pollutants such as oxides, oil, dust, acid gas, another is consumer cards. dirt, sweat, and smears and various foreign contaminants from consumer cards will leave and accumulate on reader heads, as they are inserted and removed from the slots. These contaminants will bring the Potential threats to business operators and their equipment:

    •  Increase data processing failures.
    •  Increase equipment’s inconsistency and instability.
    •  Increase customer dissatisfaction.
    •  Increase service and repair costs.
    •  Damage customers’ card.

    Using the cleaning card on a regular schedule will:

    • Clean the magnetic strip card reader head and IC card reader head without the need for uninstalling any equipment.
    • Clean other parts in the readers, such as the wheels, belts, and slots.
    • Keep your equipment in an ideal operating condition.
    • Prevent data loss.
    • Save money and time.
    • Improve customer’s satisfaction.

    In summary, using the cleaning card will smooth transactions and eliminate loss of opportunities for business operators.

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